EVIWA is a high-tech product, in particular as EVIWA is equipped with an elaborate video and audio control room and cameras. This represents a cost saving for your event as additional, highcost technology is not needed.

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If a sound system for video clips or speakers is required, this can be included. And for the comfort of guests, sponsors or employees who cannot be present at the live event, we also provide an internet Livestream link. Global access is therefore available to the event. For your archives, immediately at the end of the show, we will provide you with a USB memory stick containing the transmitted event. In this way, recording of the live images is a reflection of your project. Uncut and uncensored.


6 x 3,5 meters

21 sqm projection

total weight 3500 kg

picture formats: 16/9



7 x 4 meters

28 sqm projection

integrated video and audio director

picture formats: 16/9 and portrait



10,56 x 5,76 meters

60,8 sqm projection

integrated 44kVA generator

picture formats: 16/9 and portrait

TÜV geprüft

All EVIWA LED video walls are TÜV approved!


EVIWA has quickly proven its value in numerous events. Fast set-up and removal, installation versatility and elaborate technical systems have convinced users of this fact. The system is suitable for outdoor use, but also in large halls, in particular when daylight renders traditional screening impossible. If requested, the EVIWA box may be branded according to your requirements.

To sum up: 2 large LED screens, an elaborate control room, sound system and global transmission via internet Livestream all in one lorry. This is unique, this is EVIWA

EVIWA, the mobile LED video wall with integrated direction, is perfectly suitable for promotion vehicles, road shows, sports events, concerts, rallies and meetings, display as traffic guidance system/traffic plan, display board for traffic plan/traffic guidance, fairs and presentations ...

Obama’s state visit to Berlin on 19 June 2013

This visit was a particular highlight in Eventronic’s long history of events. 

Insel in Concert 2015: OneRepublic

In 2015 the Insel in Concert took place together with the band OneRepublic. Two EWIVA were used there.


EVIWA indoors! An EVIWA system was provided to transmit the film and PowerPoint content of the works general meeting. In contrast to projection by beamers, EVIWA is ideally suited for use in halls flooded with daylight.

World Series by Renault - Le Castellet

EVIWA LED screens were booked for the World Series by Renault in Le Castellet (Côte d'Azur / France), which broadcast live race action.


EVIWA is the flexible large screen top solution for public viewing, open air concerts and other events of any size. If desired it is equipped with integrated video/audio control and cameras for live transmissions "on the fly" (EVIWA 30) you have all possibilities and save e.g. also the purchase/use of further cost-intensive technology.

Promotion vehicles, road shows, sporting events, concerts, rallies and meetings, display as traffic guidance system/traffic plan, trade fairs and presentations

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far apart can the EVIWA boxes be placed?
    Hardwire cable connection up to 5 km. Worldwide via our internet Livestream link.
  • Can the screens be individually controlled?
    Yes, for example the live image is displayed in screen 1 whereas information or advertising may be displayed on screen 2.
  • What happens if the local power breaks down?
    Thanks to the integrated power generators, the EWIVA can be used independent, without a local power grid.
  • How many technicians are required to operate EVIWA?
    In general, there is only 1 Technician needed to operate the system.
  • An image signal is available on site. Is it possible to hire EVIWA boxes without the control room?
    Of course, is this case the EVIWA control room simply remains switched off.
  • How is the brightness and the picture quality outdoors?
    We pay particular importance to the highest image quality and a high contrast ratio so that an optimal image is displayed on the display boards even in direct sunlight. We focus on premium modules from the best manufacturers.